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Reid & Sarah Nagle OWNERS

Bought Black Prong at auction in early 2019. Sarah has been a horse person all her life and Reid since 2002. Together they train and race horses while also owning and operating Big Lick Farm, a horse training facility in Morriston, FL



Clayton Bratcher MAYOR

Pictured with soon-to-be Lady Mayoress, Meghann, 

is the first inaugural mayor of Black Prong. Clayton has brought a fresh perspective to the project while staying true to everything that Black Prong stood for with the Aulsons.

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A Michigan native, Tom moved to the Bronson area in 2005 and started working for Alan and Maureen Aulson at their Black Prong Equestrian Center. He has played a fundamental part in the development of what Black Prong is today and will play a vital role in the future development of the new Equestrian Village.

Black Prong team

Tom, Wayne, Denise, Lia

These four have been with Black Prong long before it came under the ownership of the Nagles. They have given countless hours to help improve and renovate the property. 


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450 SE CR 337 

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